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Hello, I am happy you are here!


My name is Emily Rogers.  I have been in the beauty industry for 9 years in total. Growing up, I always enjoyed doing my friends’ makeup for cheerleading competitions and school dances. Once I discovered that I could turn this passion into a career, I decided to pursue my dream. At 21, I put myself through school to become an esthetician and professional makeup artist. I wholeheartedly immersed myself in the bridal industry, where I’ve been able to
channel my creativity and make people feel their most beautiful on their special day.

If i had to choose my favorite part of the makeup process, it would be the eyes. I absolutely love getting creative and seeing the transformations on all different eye shapes and sizes and really making them stand out.


If i had to choose an artist who inspired me most it would be  Jaclyn Hill. She is the reason I found my passion in this industry and the reason I am the artist I am today. I am self taught and watching her YouTube videos/tutorials is the way I learned I can be who I am today in this industry.

My short-term goal for my makeup career is to expand my portfolio with high-fashion editorial content. This will pave the way for my long-term ambition of gracing the biggest runways and television screens. Ultimately, I envision myself backstage at Paris Fashion Week, immersed in the high-energy atmosphere, prepping all the stunning models to strut down the iconic runway!


In the industry as a whole, I believe it’s crucial for makeup artists to be adeptable at working with all skin tones, face shapes, and eye shapes. Unfortunately, the beauty industry still struggles with limited shade ranges in many brands. It’s baffling and disheartening that this issue persists in today’s day and age. Every individual deserves to feel represented and included in the world of beauty, and it’s imperative for brands to step up and ensure their products cater to the diverse needs of their consumers.


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