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Hello, I am happy you are here!


My name is Daniella Flores. I am from Cleveland, Ohio, Slavic Village to be exact. I am a proud Latina, a sister of 3, and an adventurous person! I graduated from John Carroll University with my B.A. in Communication Integrated Marketing and now I am currently getting my Masters of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Boler College of Business. I am a content creator on TikTok (@danijustflowing), Instagram (@luxbeauty_danie), and on Daniella Flores - YouTube.  I have been in the beauty industry for 7 years in total, primarily working at weddings, quinceaneras, photoshoots, birthdays, etc. I also worked at Ulta Beauty for 3 years helping clients find their dream makeup and skincare products.  

Makeup has always been a passion of mine ever since I was 16 years old watching YouTube video after Youtube video of my favorite content creators applying, reviewing, and buying makeup. I am deeply inspired by makeup icons such as 

AlexandrasGirlyTalk, iluvsarahii, Manny Mua, JadeyWadey 180, and PatrickStarrr.


I love Alexandra because she helps women with all-around bodily care and has some amazing hacks. Sarahii is an amazing Latina creator with whom I relate so well and I love watching her content because of it. Manny Mua is so funny and shows so much of his personality as he slays his makeup and I have learned so many tricks from him. JadeyWadey is the skincare queen seriously. Jadey has taught me so much about skin and the importance of holistic care. Patrick Star is the OG inspiration. He started from a place that I am currently in and his work inspires me to go big with every look.

Along with the artistry, my favorite part of my makeup career thus far has been the learning curve! I started out with bronzer all over my face, black eyeliner pencil under my eyes, and silver eyeshadow. That was an everyday look for me during my first year of high school (talk about a throwback!).   I have learned so much over the years about application, technique, product placement, and more which only has made me all the better. If you love something you will never want to stop learning about it! 


I also see my love for makeup transcending into an uplifting and educational space. My short-term goal is to not only grow on my social platforms but above all to help people feel beautiful in their own skin. I am a huge advocate for inclusive beauty. I would like to see more makeup brands expand their shade ranges and products. So many people want to learn about makeup and try something new for themselves. Makeup is art, an expression of color bursting from the human mind and soul. If brands could truly see the potential of makeup then they would create a brand that is for everyone. Hopefully in the future, I can partner with brands, and create content that is real and meaningful while creating a makeup line of my own (so stay tuned!). 

Follow me for makeup tutorials, product reviews, and more!


Daniella Flores

My signature look

From my portfolio
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 TikTok (@danijustflowing)     Instagram (@luxbeauty_danie)       Daniella Flores - YouTube

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